Price of an individual lesson for one student: 23 eur/45 min

No VAT is added.

Course prices depend on the number of participants and course location.

It is also possible to have 90 minute lessons.

10% discount when ordering 60 lessons (45 minutes) or 30 lessons (90 minutes).

Lingua Confluence Training Centre values mobility, up-to-date means of communication and ranges of opportunities; therefore, the lessons can take place under a palm tree or between flowerbeds. Direct contact lessons can be organised in a place suitable for the client (e.g. office, library, cafe) or in our training room in Keila, Keskväljak 5.

Teachers' further training - ordering modules

Price for one module is 275 euros (6 academic hours). Price includes materials and handouts.  Training modules can be ordered one by one or as a whole package. The time and place of the training and also price when ordering several modules, is agreed upon with the client.

Teachers' further training - public training

Price for one teacher for a training day (one module, 6 academic hours) is between 30-50 euros (price includes materials and handouts).

Lingua Confluence Training Centre has the right to make changes in the price list.


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