Module VI: Classroom for elementary classes

Goal: The module is intended for all teachers, who want their pupils to keep their desire to study and wish to create a strong team out of their class. The aim of the module is to give teachers a knowledge pack of how to motivate pupils and how to create joy for studying in children. The training covers immersion methods, among other things, as well as giving ideas how to make these methods work inside the classroom. Immersion is a method of teaching centered on the child, resulting in an enriched and functionally bilingual child. Thus this module teaches how to teach foreign languages for elementary classes using immersion methods (learning the language through usage, non-translation of materials), how to organize working in groups in lessons, why the day could start with a morning round, etc.

Lenght: 6 academic lessons, one study day.


  • Immersion methods, which help the learning of a foreign language.
  • Active learning methods, which help bring out the joy of learning (immersion methods, learn through play, study groups, lessons outdoors, debates)
  • Involvement of parents
  • Designing the classroom
  • Setting up goals

The teachers get a package of materials or handouts will be provided each training session, ready for use in actual classes.