Kadi Georg
Member of the Management Board
English, French and Arabic
Teachers' Further Education

I've graduated from University of Tallinn with a Bachelor's degree in English language and culture and a Master's degree in interpretation as well as completing the Noored Kooli programme, an Estonian branch of the Teach For All (USA) and Teach First (UK) programme. I've been teaching English for 10 years now. Previously I've been a teacher for private school Generum in addition to having taught in Egypt and France for a year, as well as a summer as a volunteer in Morocco. Between my tenures as a teacher, I've worked for the Estonian Ministry of Agriculture as a translator and interpreter for five years. After completing the Noored Kooli programme, I continue as a tutor in the programme for young English teachers as well as having carried out numerous seminars on student motivation and active learning methods. In addition to English, I speak German, French, Arabic and a little bit of Italian and Russian.  I love to study languages and travel and this drive for world exploration is something I try to rub off on my students through language studies. I am currently working as a teacher at Tallinn English College, as well as a teacher training lecturer at Tallinn University.

20.03.15 Reconsidering the Practice of CLIL and ELT  conference workshop in University of Tartu, Narva College - Active Learning and Hands-On Methods of Increasing Student Motivation in English Lessons

Summer 2015 Noored Kooli Summer Institute - Motivating Students to Learn; Assessment and Feedback, Community Involvement

August 2015, Palestine - A two-week training course for Palestinian English teachers on active methods in the English classroom. 

August 2016 - Estonian Association of Teachers of English summer conference in Pärnu - Motivating Students in the English Lesson and Intercultural Communication in the English Lesson.

Karoline Säde
Member of the Management Board
Teachers' Futher Education

I've been an English teacher since 2010. After graduating from high school I continued my education in the Universities of Tallinn and Tartu. English language has been a gateway to the world for me. I've travelled through the United States of America and as a hobby I am also a freelance journalist for Estonian and foreign media publications on the topic of Estonian Equestrianism. I wish my students see the knowledge of a foreign language as a tool for achieving their dreams.

21.10.14 Academic enticements: training for teachers at Jüri high school - social and educational competence - cross-cultural communication founded on social and educational competence for middle school.

August 2016 - Estonian Association of Teachers of English summer conference in Pärnu - Motivating Students in the English Lesson and Intercultural Communication in the English Lesson.

Liis Vahemets
Teachers' Further Education

I have a Bachelor's degree from University of Tartu in journalism and public relations as well as a Master's degree in communications management, in which capacity I also studied in Hogeschool van Utrecht in the Netherlands. I've worked as an accountant for the bus company AS ATKO, as a data entry operator for Estonia's largest energy company Eesti Energia and I've also assisted as a volunteer in the activities of  Tartu Lille Maja youth centre and the Estonian Union of Persons with Mobility Impairment. During my studies I was a chess coach for the pupils of Tartu High School of Commerce and that is where my passion for teaching ignited. Through the Noored Kooli programme (Estonian branch of the Teach for All (USA) and Teach First (UK) programmes) I taught in language immersion class in the Tallinn High School of Arts for two years. It is important for me that students are independent, caring and happy. I believe, that even small acts of good help make the world a better place. I like to study, dream and play boardgames.

Laura-Liis Pärna

I've graduated from the University of Tartu with a bachelor's degree in Romance studies (Spanish language and literature) and a master's degree in Spanish teaching. During my bachelor's studies I lived for a year in Spain, Santiago de Compostela, which enriched my knowledge of Spain, the Spanish language and culture as well as the local way of life. I have 2,5 years of experience as a teacher in Tartu Emajõe Keeltekool (language school). I've also taught English and Spanish through private lessons. I am hearty and patient, I like adventures and new experiences.
I like to use communicative teaching methods in class, because when it comes to studying Spanish in Estonia, the lesson is practically the only place, where the students are able to practice it. Motivation to learn and the students' individual wishes are very important to me as well. This is why I do my best to provide my students with as variable lessons as possible, so that everyone would feel, that their needs were noted. Another very important part of the lessons is humour, which makes everyone feel better and erases anxiety. It's very important for the student to express their emotions in class, especially when dealing with Spanish.

Deniss Mironov

Russian and English

I am an experienced professional English teacher. I've worked with adult students for the last 15 years. I am currently working as a lecturer of conference interpreting at Tallinn University.  I am also working as a conference interpreter and language teacher for Lingua Confluence Training Centre. My educational background is diverse.  In 1996, I graduated from Tallinn Pedagogical College diploma programme as a primary school teacher. I also have a 5-year Bachelor's degree in English Language and Literature (2001) from Tallinn Pedagogical Institute and Master's degrees in teaching (2004) and conference interpreting (2008) from Tallinn University.

Further training courses:

2011 Teacher Trainer Course, Pilgrims Ltd, Canterbury, England

2014 Creative Adult Teaching, The Lake School of English, Oxford, England

2016 Small Talk Training, Äripäev, Tallinn, Estonia

Languages and teaching has always fascinated me. Learning a language is no easy task, but with some persistence and will, it's possible to achieve pretty good results in even a short amount of time. Come to our courses and let us make that a reality for you.

Külli Liebert


I have graduated from the 5-year Bachelor's programme in English Language and Culture at Tallinn University, which is equal to a Master's degree. I have been teaching English for 20 years. I have taught English at Mainor Language Center, Big Ben Language School and Adelante Training, where I am one of the founders and Member of the Board. In addition to teaching, I am actively involved in the publication of language learning materials. Over the last 15 years, I have compiled and/or edited over ten audiobooks in the series Listen & Repeat. During summer periods, I am working as a tour guide in English and Spanish in Tallinn and Rakvere. I believe that this has broadened my worldview, changed me into a more tolerant and courageous communicator, which definitely brings benefits in my work as a trainer.

I have also participated in several further education courses, for example, an active learning methods training in Cyprus, which was funded by the Comenius/Grundtiv programme. In addition to English, I am fluent in Spanish and Finnish.